Welcome to Decatur Parks

About City of Decatur, GA Parks and Recreation

Recreatur offers a unique opportunity for the City of Decatur to expand recreational facilities, protect additional greenspaces, and
consider community needs through its programming. The City of Decatur owns 196.3 acres of parkland including five aquatic features,
nine tennis courts, 7 recreational facilities with a total of 133,000 square feet, 21 parks, 3 dog parks, 1 skate park, and 1 community
garden, and numerous athletic fields.

Key Events
  • 14
    December, 2022
    Wednesday, 6.00 pm
    Decatur Recreation Center
    (231 Sycamore Street)
  • 6
    September, 2022
    Truckin’ Tuesdays at
    Legacy Park
  • 15
    September, 2022
    Jazz Nights at Scottish Rite
    (231 W. Hill St)
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